Please donate as much as you can to reverse
the changes that are being forced through.

  • Over 90% of respondents in Chiswick oppose the new plans by Hounslow Council, and thousands are signing petitions.
  • Thousands of people are being fined or inconvenienced by new barriers and cameras which prevent them from taking simple routes to their friends, shops or favoured spots.
  • Nobody voted for this. 

Challenging the C9T cycle route

To start with we are seeking a review of C9T, the cycle route on Chiswick High Road. This is not just damaging in terms of causing gridlock and misery but was also the reason for cutting off roads like Devonshire Road and Turnham Green Terrace because they are in the way. 

A judicial review application challenging the lawfulness of the decisions made by LB Hounslow to build the temporary C9T cycle way has been made by Asal Shirazi, a local resident who has significant disabilities, and Mike Ormrod, who runs Ormrod Electrical on Chiswick High Road.   We have now created a company called One Chiswick Ltd to which will be fighting the case.

The majority of the funds raised through the OneChiswick GoFundMe page will help fund the case, which is very expensive to run.

  • We are NOT ALONE. There were other judicial review applications being brought against other Councils including OneEaling, OneLambeth, OneHackney and OneCroydon. 
  • We are being taken seriously. A court hearing on 12 FEBRUARY 2021 went through many of the preliminary issues and then set date for a Court Hearing in autumn 2021.

The legal costs are mounting, we are making good progress and we need your help! 

What about the other LTNs?

There are other LTNs such as Turnham Green Terrace, Devonshire Road and those in South Chiswick which need appealing. We will appeal these as soon as we can! 

We were taken by surprise when the first LTNs came in and there was no organisation at the time to take this on. The changes were rushed through with almost no consultation so there was little time to react. But there will be future opportunities for challenges. We will also be able to learn from the experiences of our friends in Ealing, Lambeth and Hackney.

If we win

If we can stop Hounslow and TfL on C9T that will be a major setback for their plans. We plan to demonstrate that councils cannot make changes in this way, and to show just how wrong the decision-making has been. We need to show how unfair these changes have been to vulnerable people, particularly those who are disabled or elderly.

Raising money

We will need tens of thousands of pounds to challenge C9T and all the other LTN decisions. It may seem like a lot of money but if a thousand people in Chiswick donated £40 we could achieve a great deal. 

If a thousand people donated £100 we could be in a really strong position. That’s less than the £130 that Hounslow will fine you for dropping litter or driving past a hidden road sign. 

A thousand people is a small proportion of those who have joined our Facebook group or signed petitions.  

Please donate now

Please also encourage your friends to donate! If you donate to this cause, every time you walk around your restored neighbourhood you will be able to say we all helped to bring Chiswick back.  

If we do nothing then Hounslow Council and TfL will be free to make all the changes they want without any accountability. We will lose control of our community and our surroundings.

Huge fines, long traffic jams, pointless extended journeys and major inconvenience every single day. Don’t let it happen!

What happens if we don’t use all the money?

We will most likely need every penny we raise, but if there is money left over then we will donate it to local Chiswick charities chosen by our donors. We will provide more details here if the situation arises.