Frequently Asked Questions

What does OneChiswick fundraise for?

We are raise money for campaign materials and for legal and professional fees to fund challenges to unwanted Streetspace schemes within Chiswick as and when we can.

OneChiswick was originally taking legal action to attempt to reverse the changes – papers were filed at the court before Christmas 2020 and we had a directions hearing, with the judge, on February 12th 2021. However, in July 2021 Hounslow announced they were replacing ETO 2020 with a new ETO2021, another ‘temporary’ scheme that would again run for 18 months, but with substantial modifications, reflecting many of the concerns OneChiswick has raised. This change to ETO 2021 from ETO 2020 meant our original challenge was incapable of succeeding.

Everyone in OneChiswick is a volunteer; none of us is paid and none of us has received or will receive anything from the funds raised.  

What happens if you raise more money than you need?

If we raise more than we need for any stage, the excess will be put towards the next phase of our legal challenges.  

We will continue to fight all Streetspace changes in Chiswick if this is what residents want, but need to be ready to act quickly, so need the funds to be available.

As our fundraising page suggests, when we believe the people of Chiswick have the road schemes they want, we will pass any excess monies on to a local charity, but given the significant sums we need to raise it is unlikely we will raise too much.

What is OneChiswick campaigning for?

We believe that most Chiswick people already make responsible decisions about when to walk, cycle, use public transport or drive.  From all the representations we have seen, journeys locals make are necessary and bring huge community benefit.  We know, from evidence from traders, that parking alongside shops brings huge economic benefits to those shops and enables shoppers to stop and buy locally rather than go out of town or online.  We also know that Streetspace changes and C9 have displaced, not reduced, traffic and pollution and that other roads now suffer from congestion and pollution.  We want to explore compromises that would achieve any necessary changes in behaviour while allowing Chiswick residents to enjoy living in Chiswick and for Chiswick’s local retail, hospitality and service economy to recover and then boom.  We are therefore campaigning for seven main things: 

  • Safety and balancing community transport needs. We want to ensure that changes to roads, bus lanes, bus stops, pavements and junctions should protect the rights of those who use buses, people who are disabled and those who cannot cycle and does not disproportionately or negatively affect any one group of people over another.  
  • Full, professional consultations.  We want full, proper and professional consultations (using Market Research Society best practice) of residents and businesses on options for the Chiswick community.  
  • Central Chiswick roads to be re-opened fully. We want all roads in Central Chiswick that have been closed or altered to be reopened fully, all parking to be reinstated including the valuable and valued free 30-minute stop-and-shop parking on Devonshire Road which now has limited access only (Turnham Green Terrace was reinstated on 18.5.21).  The exceptions are existing school street arrangements, with limited closure either side of start and finish times during term time only which we support. The Staveley Road closure is NOT a school street – closure hours are 8am to 7pm Mon to Sat.
  • South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme (SCLN) . We want full and proper professional consultation and changes made that meet the needs of the community.  
  • C9T to be removed and a better cycling scheme to be designed.  We want cycling routes that suit Chiswick residents’ lives and that don’t damage Chiswick residents’ and business owners’ livelihoods.  This can be achieved if Hounslow and Ealing councils were to consult residents and businesses professionally, taking a whole Chiswick approach rather than imposing piecemeal changes to suit a lobby group that has special influence over our councils. 
  • Consultation on Phase2b Streetspace and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. Phase 2b of the Streetspace project has been approved by Hounslow’s cabinet yet very few residents know about it and where is the consultation? Have you been consulted? Do you know what’s planned in your street and elsewhere? All streets north of the A4 will be affected. We want each scheme, and the entirety of the schemes, to be put to all residents and businesses by holding full, proper and professional consultations (using Market Research Society compliant consultations).
  • A stop on Phase 3 and other proposals being implemented without proper consultation. Phase 3 was approved in November 2020 by Hounslow Council without any reference to Chiswick residents. We do not want any further changes to be made, such as the phase 3 LTNs and suggestions for Turnham Green Terrace, without full, proper and professional consultations (using Market Research Society compliant consultations) on options which protect the needs of local people.