Turnham Green Terrace

We are delighted to announce that Hounslow Council has confirmed that certain Streetspace measures are being abandoned. After strong campaigning by members of the local community, we can confirm Turnham Green Terrace is officially open to cars (up until now it was temporary) and the 30 min free ‘Stop and Shop’ parking has been restored. The last block of concrete was removed by Hounslow Highways just before midday on 18th May 2021.

Read about it here : Chiswick’s Local Web site (chiswickw4.com)


Dear resident,
I want to thank you for taking part in Hounslow Council’s
Streetspace consultation. Your views, along with traffic and air
quality data, have now been considered as part of the independent
reviews that we commissioned of Streetspace trials in Hounslow.
Today, we’re announcing a number of decisions about the future of
the trials, including some that will be removed and others that will
be amended or progressed to the Final Review stage in July. To read the published reports visit: https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/streetspace-review
A summary of the main decisions can be found in our press release, available on the same page. Once again, on behalf of Hounslow
Council, I thank you for your time and input into our Streetspace
Best wishes, Councillor Hanif Khan
Cabinet Member for Transport and One Hounslow
Hounslow Council

Turnham Green Terrace is a shopping street in Central Chiswick which for decades has embodied everything that is special and celebrated about Chiswick.

Amongst the many shops along here is an award-winning butcher, fishmonger, two greengrocers, two delicatessens and a luxury chocolate shop; there is also a toyshop, a traditional haberdashery, an award-winning jewellery shop, a travel agent, a card shop, a picture framer, clothes shops for men and women, barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons, a leather shop, shoe repairers, as well as several cafes, restaurants and charity shops. Two roads run off it, both with shops/cafes on them – Turnham Green Terrace Mews and Chiswick Common Road.

But Turnham Green Terrace is also the main artery that links different parts of Chiswick – running between Bedford Park and the centre of Chiswick enabling residents, businesses, delivery drivers and service providers to reach all parts of Chiswick.  

Closure to cars and parking in summer 2020

The sudden decision to close it to cars in the summer of 2020 without any meaningful consultation or information was accompanied by the issuing of over £1,000,000 worth of Penalty Charges on unsuspecting motorists by Hounslow Council: this has been devastating for businesses, shops, residents, and visitors alike.  People were unable to visit each other or access essential services without fear of fines or being seriously delayed by heavy traffic. Doctors and carers could not reach their patients. Any pleas to the Council fell on deaf ears , despite the additional closure of Acton Lane due to works by Thames Water. Hounslow Council just did not care. 

Parking was also removed which meant that although technically cars were allowed to enter (for access) – it was meaningless – because there was nowhere to park. Blue badge parking was allowed but shoppers’ deliveries had to be pre-booked and if there was no loading space, people had to drive through and then receive a heavy fine.  

Consequently, for people that had to drive in Chiswick, there were very long detours that brought congestion and unprecedented levels of pollution to Acton Lane, South Parade, Bath Road and Goldhawk Road. It also negatively affected the surrounding streets and parking. 

What is happening in Turnham Green Terrace now?

It has formally reopened.  The long sorry saga of fines, no access, gridlock and harm to our traders by all of this as well as parking suspensions is over for now – after almost a year of protests.

The Streetspace consultation which included TGT ended on January 31st 2021 and the results of Cabinet’s decision were announced on 17th May 2021.

Read what Hounslow’s consultants said about residents and traders views which makes uncomfortable reading for LBH Chiswick’s Local Web site (chiswickw4.com)


A ‘Placemaking Consultation’ ended on 8th February 2021. Based on previous consultations/engagement meetings, we know there is a covert agenda driven by the cycling lobby.

This is seeking endorsement of the Peter Murray/Urban Movement proposals which were submitted to Hounslow Council and would turn Turnham Green Terrace into a characterless, out-of-a-catalogue street like those in Waltham Forest.

The descriptions sound good but the effects are devastating.  Orford Road, Waltham Forest, has only 15 shops in the pedestrianised section and cannot be considered a useful comparison; business is so low that several shops open for only three days a week. Traders in Turnham Green Terrace, where rents are so much higher, will not survive.  Please support Chiswick’s traders by making it clear that you want the Terrace to stay open as it is a much-valued place for locals and a destination for people from all over London and much further beyond; please add important points about the inadequacies of the consultation processes and ask for a full and proper professional Market Research Society compliant public consultation of residents and businesses who use this road as a local road to/from their homes and other parts of Chiswick.  To view what others have said click here.

  • Brian Deegan of Urban Movement is reported to have said that all our Streetspace changes are the ultimate test of the ‘Big Shock Theory’ – read about that here:

For further information as to the “consultation” process please click here