LTNs: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Hounslow has implemented one LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood (SCLN) scheme in the Grove Park area of Chiswick, and in November 2020 Hounslow Council approved the introduction of many more LTNs across the whole of Chiswick, as you can see from the map below. The intention is mainly to prevent these areas being used as rat runs for through-traffic and create quiet, traffic-free areas. Unfortunately, these have been imposed without any real thought or consideration for the people who live there or those living in the surrounding roads who suffer the burden of displaced traffic.

With very little warning, and no proper consultation, people in Grove Park found barriers across their roads. Even those who attempted to stop the changes found they could do nothing against the council contractors who turned up in the early hours of the morning.

LTNs in the Chiswick area – map provided by Hounslow

Closing roads to drivers has resulted in traffic being diverted onto other roads up to ¼ mile away, causing increased congestion and pollution. These closures have created new rat-runs in formerly quiet residential roads as residents have to take long, polluting detours to travel to/from their homes or shops. People need visits from friends, family, carers and trades people, but that doesn’t seem to have occurred to the Council. 

Despite the huge resistance that this has created from the people of Grove Park and elsewhere, Hounslow Council appears determined to press ahead with even more LTNs; see LTNs: Future Phases for more information.

They seem to have no desire to listen; only to impose solutions on places they don’t know, people they have never met and don’t represent. And, of course, to get more handouts from Central Government.

There are so many other ways money could be spent more productively.

How did they Consult?

There were Streetspace Feedback consultations going recently and South Chiswick roads (as well as others) were included – the results showed massive opposition but unfortunately Hounslow ignored residents and have deleted the consultation outcome please click here

Watch the video where residents are told the outcome of the consultation

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