Who we are

OneChiswick comprises a dynamic group of people who have come together with a common cause – to reclaim Chiswick’s streets by reversing poorly-designed changes which have harmed our community and its harmony, and to create Safer Streets for ALL .

We are constantly amazed by the diverse range of people who join us on a daily basis from a huge variety of cultures, social backgrounds, ages and abilities: walkers, cyclists, users of public transport and car drivers as well as the less able.

We all have one thing in common – we want to make Chiswick a safe and enjoyable place to live.  

OneChiswick is an umbrella organisation, whose numbers are growing every day. We represent:

  • All political allegiances and none
  • All who value democracy and consultation; the right to be truly heard
  • All social and demographic groups
  • Residents, businesses, local retailers, local employees and visitors
  • Health workers, social workers and carers
  • People with disabilities, families with young children, older people, and those who find it hard to move around easily so cannot walk far or cycle
  • People who love to walk and to cycle but who would never agree with putting their own choices in such a way that set aside the real needs of others
  • People who care passionately about the climate emergency and the effects on health of pollution
  • People who use public transport