Fishers Lane

At the same time that Turnham Green Terrace was closed to cars, no entry except buses and cycles was introduced on Fishers Lane at its junctions with Chiswick Common Road and South Parade. This removed through traffic at the railway bridge, improving the environment for cyclists but creating long detours for other road users and adding to the pollution on other roads. Bus access was not affected.

The proposals were jointly introduced with London Borough of Ealing and this action, combined with the closure of Turnham Green Terrace to through traffic, brought Chiswick and most surrounding areas to a complete standstill. Acton Lane, South Parade, Bath Road, Goldhawk Road and elsewhere were completely gridlocked.

Petitions to re-open the road have been ignored, though there was another consultation that closed on 31st January.

The final review of this scheme is expected in early 2021.

Enforcement mobile CCTV car, engine running continuously, causing pollution on Fishers Lane.


A placemaking consultation recently started and it ended on 8th February. Based on previous consultations/engagement meetings, we know there is a probably a hidden agenda driven by the cycling lobby.

Why are they changing the names of boundaries within Chiswick and elsewhere? 

Is this one is seeking endorsement of the Urban Movement proposals which could turn Chiswick streets into characterless streets like those in Waltham Forest?

Would Chiswick lose its unique character? 

The descriptions sound good but the effects could be devastating. Orford Road, Waltham Forest, which has had the lobby treatment has only 15 shops in the pedestrianised section, cannot be considered a useful comparison; business is so low that several shops open for only three days a week.  Traders in Chiswick, where rents are so much higher, will not survive.  Please support Chiswick’s traders by making it clear that you want the Terrace, Devonshire Road and elsewhere to stay open to all drivers; that the parking should be restored, especially the free 30-minute stop-and-shop parking; as it is a much-valued place for locals and a destination for people from all over London and much further beyond; please add important points about the inadequacies of the consultation processes and ask for a full and proper professional Market Research Society compliant public consultation of residents and businesses who use this road as a local road to/from their homes and other parts of Chiswick.  To review the consultation click here.

For further information as to the “consultation” process please click here