LTNs: Future Phases

This is only the start of what could be coming our way. Hounslow and TfL are planning  a complete transformation of life as we know it in Chiswick and Hounslow. Hounslow are at Phase 1 and 2a and has more phases planned. So if you think these changes are not your problem, think again. Already, the changes made to Chiswick roads mean that Grove Park residents now seldom come north of the A4 to shop: it’s too difficult, there’s no-where to park, it’s constant gridlock. Instead they take their business to Kew Retail Park and Richmond. How is that helping Chiswick?

Phase 2b

In Phase 2b there are 11 other LTNs and schemes being planned all over Hounslow. You can read all about them here (PDF). (Source Hounslow Council) The ones in Chiswick are in 

  • Prebend Gardens,
  • Lawford Road,
  • Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate

Cycle Lanes are being planned in Chiswick Lane and Devonshire Road

Phase 3

Phase Three has even more changes being planned. Read about them here (PDF) (Source Hounslow Council).

That is why it is so important that people realise just how extensive the plans really are.  These affect all of us in the Borough, our journeys to school, hospitals, shops, work, caring responsibilities, deliveries.  It will make life even more difficult and restrictive for everyone, but especially the vulnerable. 

And unless we act now – we may be too late.